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Maximise your Machine with McLaren Tracks and Tyres.
Get 3 to 5 Times the Saving on Time and Money.
No Flats = No Downtime
Don’t Let Your Machines Come to a Standstill.
Super Solid Tyres
Super Solid Tyres

Offering triple the lifetime on tyres with the best quality tracks

HOT Slag and Mining Tyres Manufactured by Ty Cushion Tires Taiwan, whose Sub-Saharan agency belongs to M & M Tyres

M & M Tyre and Wheel Solutions recently conducted a highly successful testing session of Africa’s first Chainless Hot Slag Tyre at the Lydenburg Xtrata Smelter Plant. Each Chainless Hot Slag Tyre can be subjected to heat levels up to 500 Degrees Celsius. With each tyre being chainless, one would think that the tyre would perish at a much faster rate than traditional Slag Tyres; however, we have found that each Chainless Hot Slag Tyre lasts up to twice as long as a traditional Slag Tyre. This ultimately results in these tyres being more cost-effective and perfect for use within the mining and smelting industry.


Welcome to M & M Tyre and Wheel Solutions – not just your rubber track and tyre dealer, but your optimised operations solutions provider.

The best machines and operating conditions are of no value for the construction, mining, and agriculture industries if they constantly succumb to standstills and downtime due to tyre flats and sidewall cuts.

Save time and money, and optimise on your profitability with our holistic tyre and wheel solution for OTT systems, skid steer tracks and tyres, and other tyre requirements.

M & M Tyre and Wheel Solutions brings the latest technology on tyres and rubber tracks to your operation with the best local and international team backing the products. Our suppliers have been selected with quality, value for money, and durability as the key areas of expertise on their products.

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Buy tyres and tracks from M & M Tyre and Wheel Solutions today!

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Buy tyres and tracks from M & M Tyre and Wheel Solutions today!
Please note: Import lead time on products not in stock may take between 4 and 12 weeks.

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